Welcome to my world

Just like gears

A fusion of structure and art -a harmony of organized precision and boundless creativity.

Hi, I’m Viola and this is an introduction into my world. The way my gears catch and what fuels my processes.

Structure and Art

Seemingly opposing forces?

I believe that it is within those forces that my personality thrives, blending meticulous detail and reflected organization with the imaginative chaos that sparks new perspectives and fuels artistic innovation.


In the realm of my work, I have maintained a customer focused approach through meticulous consideration and conceptual imagination. Guided by the passion for hospitality, immersive environments and a keen eye for detail, I enjoy creating narratives that resonate and forge unforgettable experiences. 


With each stroke, the gears become conduits, translating the amalgamation of my diverse influences into tangible visions. I like to be a curator of emotions, harnessing the power of color, form, and texture to evoke profound sentiments and spark introspection. I invite you into my world where gears unlock the gates of imagination.


Gears are not just mechanisms; they reflect how I navigate the world, every motion turns another path in motion. The direction does not matter, but the power of creative vision does.

Nothing is linear. A structure of gears is complex. In my professional career I strive to strike the delicate balance between structure and chaos, producing work that speaks to both the analytical mind and the creative side of mine.

In organization and planning I find solace and clarity. The structured nature of numbers and equations speaks to my detail-oriented persona, as I immerse myself in the pursuit of logical reasoning and analytical thinking.

Simultaneously, the realm of art beckons to me with its intuitive chaos and relentless focus. Embracing the fluidity of ideas and imagination allow me to seek inspiration and exploration as I unravel the depths of my artistic voice.

While keeping the content of this website up to date, I am also working on new projects to expand my portfolio. Stay tuned, the gears are never standing still.